Kerr Griffin

Kerr Griffin is a veteran of the Boston area cover band scene who paid his dues playing in and managing an award winning band. Sadly, he developed a chronic allergy to sequins and "Superfreak" as a result. It seemed a sign from above to strike out on his own to write and perform the acoustic music he'd always loved. Since then, Kerr has been cultivating his own brand of Americana Acoustic Rock.

 Hear what others have to say about Kerr Griffin:

 "If you are looking for a local singer/songwriter to crush out on while he croons onstage or if you just happen to like original, heartfelt lyrics that sound like they are being sung to you and only you, check out Kerr Griffin.  Kerr has a welcoming and easy stage presence, can switch gears from covering Jonathan Coulton and Queen to strumming along to his own pieces, and rocks the Buddy Holly glasses like nobody's business.  Nimble-fingered and smooth-voiced, Kerr brings the talent and charisma to any stage and the Queer Open Mic has been fortunate to have him."  -- Mimi, Queer Open Mic Host